Written, Faxed, or Phoned in - We take them all!

If you know anything about obtaining prescriptions from your doctor, then you know that prescriptions are hand-written, faxed, e-faxed, or called in the pharmacy. Once the prescription gets to us we verify the Rx by your date of birth, address, and phone number. If the doctor has written you a controlled substance, Federal and State Laws require us to obtain your social security number before filling the prescription. Making sure that all the information is correct before we get to the filling stage helps us move you along quicker and on your way to feeling better.

A quick word on insurance companies: 
     Insurance companies are making our prescription dispensing routine a little more complex with different bin numbers and different payers than what maybe listed on your card. Sometimes we can type everything in correctly from your card and still get a rejection from insurance because there is some other edit that no one had a clue about. This is not a problem to fix but usually requires us to call your insurance company and get the correct information. This can take no time at all....depending on the company....it can take all day. We would love for you to enjoy yourself while you browse our gift shop selection or sit and have a cup of coffee or cold beverage from the drink box. At anytime we realize that its slowing down the rest of the workflow, we'll let you know. Then you can make a decision to come back later or maybe we can schedule a delivery for you.

Last Updated: 5/14/2013
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